Vikings @ Buccaneers 10/13/96  Vikings 13  Buccaneers 24 

Fourth and final trip to Tampa to see the Vikes before I moved to Colorado.

Vikings didn't do to well this time. Great weather and time on this final trip!


Arriving at the parking lot

Inside the Sombrero

Head coach Dennis Green arrives

Offensive coordinator Brian Billick & Denny

QB Warren Moon comes out

QB Brad Johnson

RB Robert Smith warms up. Notice a young assistant coach Herm Edwards above him.

WR Chris Carter warms up

WR Jake Reed

WR & special teams ace Chris Walsh warms up

CC talks w/ QB Warren Moon

DB Corey Fuller

LS Mike Morris #68 with LG Randall McDaniel

Kicking team warms up

RT Korey Stringer

WR Qadry Ismail flanked by head coach Dennis Green

LB Jeff Brady

RB/WR David Palmer

RB Moe Williams

The GREAT DT John Randle!

CB Dwayne Washington stretches

DE Fernando Smith

DE Derrick Alexander

LB Darryl Talley

P Mitch Berger comes out with special teams comes Gary Zauner

RB Amp Lee (looks up), RB Robert Smith and WR Qadry Ismail

K Scott Sisson & K/P Mitch Berger

Vikings gather. Note: Future Vikings Head Coach Above future Mall of Famer # 64 Randall McDaniel.


The Game

WR Qadry Ismail gets ready to receive the opening kickoff

QB Warren Moon leads the Vikings. Note: Future Bears head coach Lovie Smith (with head set on) just above Moon's right

shoulder and Future Jets and Chiefs head coach  Herm Edwards (with head set on) left of Moon's head.

Denny watches closely

RB Robert Smith roams the sideline

WR Jake Reed on the sideline

WR Chris Carter

CC exits the field

Long time ex Buffalo Bills LB Darryl Talley talks with Vikings Trainer Fred Zamberletti (L)

LS Mike Morris & LG Randall McDaniel

Bucs DT Warren Sapp (99) gets his double team

Dilfer avoids a sack

Dilfer throws as DT John Randle gets triple teamed

The GREAT John Randle!!

QB Moon drops back as DT Sapp gets the illegal hands to the face by LT Todd Steussie

KR/RB David Palmer receives a punt

Moon barks out the signals

RB Robert Smith gets the hand off

QB's Jay Walker & Brad Johnson watch the defense

Special teams coach Gary Zauner goes over the sheets with the special team

Vikings Offensive coordinator and future Super Bowl XXXV (Baltimore Ravens) winning head coach Brian Billick

Denny contemplates another road loss on grass...well maybe not

Randle defends 'til the end

A dejected sideline looks on as the Vikings lose this one. Special note  RIP #77  5/8/74 - 8/1/01

Moon in vain

Field Goal Bucs


Bucs win this one

The Bucs get introduced