I'm not sure that welcome is the word to open this page since the level of hostility between the National Football League fans is so intense.  I started watching Monday Night Football with my father in Bellevue, Nebraska at age 8.  The only school night I was able to stay up late, coincidentally falling asleep by the TV before halftime.  My father an avid New York Giants fan and me just getting to know and starting to follow the game.  When growing up in my formative years, the NFL favorite teams were the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.  Almost all of my classmates were Chiefs and Packers fans so I decided to root for the Vikings. 

It has been a very long rough ride, but I gotta' believe.  I know you can't win them all but you don't get to the Super Bowl by losing.

Here are some of my Vikings experiences, trips, photos and everything else. 

Go Vikings!

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